Our Princess

This kid right here melts my heart. She is so amazing to watch grow up. I wanted to take a Brag moment of course. For Her. For her I will chase down the wind. For her I will cross endless oceans. For her I will hold back, so she can push harder. For her I will extend out my hand, so she knows I’m here. My ears will always be open and my heart will always fight for her. She was wanted from the beginning. She was given to me by the King. Her eyes majestic and filled with hope. … Continue reading Our Princess

Food Heaven and Great Friends

We’ve been so amazingly fortunate to have friends we love to call family. They have come visit in the midst of or Chaos. We have taken a break from bus fixing to just relax. They have showered us with amazing food and laughter. Here are some pictures of our adventure together. What’s more enjoyable, to read my stories, to see pictures, or should I start Video logging ?? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.😉 Continue reading Food Heaven and Great Friends