BigBusThatsUs has been created to allow the AMAZING people we meet along the way, to stay connected.

To follow along even if they aren’t able to join us, just yet!

Our family has been traveling across our beautiful country since October 2018.

We set out on what has become an amazing adventure.

We had no idea what was in store for us and how it would impact our lives.

As of MAY 2021 we have been through 43 states in the bus.

We have completed 25 Jr. Ranger Programs across National Parks, State Parks, and other historical destinations.

As we went along our journey, we learned that we have a passion for cooking, breaking bread, and gifting food.

We are a family centered on the belief of a Creator.

We try our best to live supernaturally.

Elevating our awareness of living intentionally.

Praying Boldly, and Asking Wildly.

We believe these past few years have been molding and preparing us for what’s next.

Our vision to create awareness of healing the body, mind, and soul is beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Were not sure what’s instore for us.

Yet, I know with Intention, Faith, and Support we will get there.

The Bus Crew

If You Know Us, and would like to Share a story about your experience with us, we would love to publish it.