Meet The Driver

As a Man being a provider is one of the most important things to me. I didn’t realize I was about to get a lesson on what provision really meant. My life turned upside down after a near death experience. I Woke up and realized the most important things to me. I was missing out on my family. I never even knew BUS LIFE, nomad life, was a thing.

I took a leap of faith and plunged into this wild adventure. I’ve learned so much about Converting Tour Buses, Solar Power, Electrical repairs and much more.

Most importantly I have connected with My kids. I have spent time loving and lifting up my wife and I have found Dreams and Future Hopes.

Taking a step in an unknown, unconventional direction, despite the backlash, has caused me nothing but GAINS, WINS, and FORWARD Movement.

Eric Butler

Operating Engineer Local 825

How’ ya now.

I’m Eric AKA The Driver

And I Live in a BIG BUS!

Me in Bullets
  • Operating Engineer
  • Bus Driver
  • Solar Power Enthusiast
  • SpaceX Fan
  • Lover of the Woods
  • Honored to Be a DAD
  • Husband to a Virtuous Wife
  • Road School Teacher
  • Santa Maria Pit Operator
  • Dog Lover
  • Warrior Prince
  • Provider & Protector
  • Cheer Leader to my Family
  • Seeker of Truth
  • Follower of the Way
  • Calculated Risk Taker
  • Overalls are my thing.

You must Live like no one else, in order to Live like no one else. – Dave Ramsey

I’ve linked the Bus Conversion Projects I’ve done so far. Check them out Below. Keep A Look Out for New Additions. Feel Free to Shoot me a comment with any questions about Bus conversions.

I’ll be more then happy to answer what I can.

Before & After Projects

When we 1st Met Falcore
This STINKY SLINKY job, is not for us!
Gutting the backroom
Hurricane Taping The King Bed Slats
cleaned out and ready for the next step
new slide out
Preparing Roof
We’ve got Solar, Baby!
Condenser For NEW HVAC UNIT
Is it an ART piece? Why it is, but its also my HVAC UNIT!
Goodbye Nasty old Microwave
Falcore got a New Wrap
Composting is where it’s At!
New SubFlooring in
Buttoning Up Under the bed.
We have A King Size Master Bedroom!
Laundry Bay
my helper
The Washing Machine ( we now have 2)
Roof Top Views in Cali!
Time for these Roof Top HVAC Units to GO!
figuring out HVAC TUBING
Hello New Convection Oven

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