Boston Terrier Miniature Pincher’s

Our family has been wanting puppies for the longest but hadn’t the courage to take the plunge. Bus Life forced our hand! The kids happened to find a lizard in the dessert of Arizona Around Dec 10, 2019. Amongst the Nomads camping in that area, was this single over 55 women, Dodi. She happened to have a terrarium. Well we were grateful that the lizard had an official home. After three days of no luck finding food we decided to go to Pet Smart.

It Just so happens that this Pet Smart had a Humane Society in the back. To top everything off, we were discussing the power of Intention, and ASKING our heavenly Father for ANYthing, to our little lovey the night before.

We weren’t aware till we said Yes, and she was in tears, that she had ASKED her Creator for a dog.

With the utmost Joy and a fullness in our hearts we walked out of the pet shop with some crickets and TWO Beautiful amazing BOSPINS.

We were suckers, and couldn’t leave one, so we took both.

BTW the Lizard pictured was released back into the Yuma Desert where we found it.

LADY BABY & TIGER BUDDY welcome to the Family!

These are a few of our favorite pics.