I can’t believe this happened!!

Our king size bed is finally in!!! I honestly had doubts I would ever see this happen. Since I didn’t start this blog right away I didn’t think to take many pictures beforehand. But I caught a few. The back room as you can see was another living room. With an automatic pull out couch and table and more seating area. It had another TV and some various OLD entertainment stuff and, of course, the mirrored closet. I know, why get rid of a cool automatic couch? Well, we have plans for that piston! And as far as removing it … Continue reading I can’t believe this happened!!

Giving the Garden some Proppers!!

In the Journey Begins we discussed briefly www.backtoedenfilm.com Have you watched the film yet??? DO IT! This has by far revolutionized what we think of gardening. Not only is it easy to do but has become   a pleasure to watch the hands of our work and Gods multiply in abundance. Some elbow grease needed to go into the beginnings of it. Let’s look at where we started. Fortunately for us, Popcorn has an awesome program that Donates Miscellaneous house goods, like TOP SOIL!   Honestly the garden has been such an amazing sight to see and share with others. I have … Continue reading Giving the Garden some Proppers!!

How Real can we get?

How REAL can we get? Can we share TRUTH ? Shall I write in riddles or fairy tales? Will your mask be let down and meet me with an intimate crown? Or will your mask hold on, and squeeze harder to stay in place, to fit that mold?? Friend, Foe, Neighbor. When will Truth be light? When will it be okay to wear the crown upon our heads? Instead it’s darkness, instead we light the mood with our ballroom attire, and our witty satire. Let down your garments of phoniness.  Close your eyes if you must, but allow your heart … Continue reading How Real can we get?


This post has been on my mind now for a few days. Figures I haven’t had time to sit and write about it!! Warning this may offend some people. It’s okay, just step away from the keyboard and don’t comment. Let’s jump right in!. We have been living in a state of craziness. We have chosen to fall asleep in this realm. We have forgotten what our Creator made us to be, the Bene Elohim. We were satisfied with chasing shiny things and keeping up with the Jones’s. We have to work more, so we can buy more. More hours … Continue reading CRAZY BUSY

I am only a Vessel

“Strong when you are weak Full when you are empty Filled with love so deep Ready to pour out Be Bold, Be Bold, and don’t you doubt I am the King of Kings . The One that holds you. I am the One who brings you out of the flames, and out of your shame. Be still. Do My will. Go create , don’t hesitate . I am here still. I am the King of Kings and call you to My throne room. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, LET GO!” Sometimes, often times, we forget to allow our Creator to … Continue reading I am only a Vessel

What our week looked like .

Bus life is such a new life. I thought I’d share what that has looked like for us! SHINNY HUB CAPS. Little touches Daddy standing on the Excavator and BEST PART, we can see him from the bus!!! I loved being able to bring him coffee and lunch as well, as the kids enjoyed checking in and learning a thing or 2 themselves. Hammer has also being enjoying his time working hands on with daddy Using a wrench to help tighten bolts underneath. Making of a Battery compartment!! Roof top gets measured for a makeover!! Next big project!!! And our … Continue reading What our week looked like .