Kombucha Crazy

I’m so excited about sharing this Post!

The Driver and I have been Brewing Kombucha and it’s Amazingly Rewarding.

(Kawm-Boo-Chah) Kombucha


  • Kombucha is Ancient : it’s Asian origins date back 2000 years ago. Since then it’s been passed around the globe, providing an awesome refreshing beverage wherever it went.
  • Kombucha is super HEALTHY: The potent ferment is known worldwide for its detoxifying, energizing, and overall healthy supportive properties. Drink it in the morning for a pick me up, drink it in the afternoon to give you a workout boost, and drink it in the evening as a detoxifying cocktail mixer.
  • Kombucha is a Living Drink: It’s filled with probiotics. A variety of tiny microbes work in concert with your major systems- digestive, immune, and energy. Keeping your meridians in line.
  • Kombucha contains: Probiotics, Polyphenols, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, organic enzymes, and vital amino acids.
  • Like all things, kombucha should be drank in moderation and you should listen to your body’s natural responses to it. Some people with an unhealthy gut may experience frequent bathroom visits. This is normal. Remember it’s healing your GUT.
  • It’s an awesome alternative to drinking a soda as its carbonation and fizz are similar.
  • Kombucha can be brewed sweet or more vinegary.

The 1st thing you need to get Brewing is a SCOBY. A SCOBY or MOTHER is the most ugliest pancake looking live culture that I have ever seen!! You can see them here floating at the top!

You can order them ONLINE, or make your own using starter tea, and a bottle of Raw Kombucha from your local store.

Or you can go to a cool Kombucha brewery like we did!!!

Who knew they would have these on TAP!
Kits ready to go for all your homebrewing needs!
Kombucha Flight done right!! They loved them all!!

Another awesome incorporation to Science, Health, and Math for the kiddos.

It took us a bit to get this train rolling as we only started with One fermentation. But now we have 4 going!!!

1st and 2nd fermentation.

Basically you allow your tea to ferment twice!

1st-ferment is turning tea into kombucha.

2nd-you get to flavor it and more carbonation occurs.

Our 2nd fermentation was flavored with Concord grape juice, super yum!

And orange juice, not so yum, we won’t do that again.

The other 2 we filtered and were able to get 3 jars out of them.

Yes that’s right, Juice boxes!!

You can flavor it more naturally with fruit pieces and fresh squeezed juice.

But, this was a simple quick and efficient way to get yummy kombucha.

Now we can use these names which make them that much cooler.

Hey Ma, can I have some Tropical Twist Kombucha???

Hope you join us on this Kombucha journey. Just one more step to a Healthy life!

Best part – we do it all together. Projects like these connect our family from the inside out.

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