Chance Encounter or Divine Intervention?

If you have been following along on Facebook with us, you know we have gotten our Solar Installed. We are so grateful to the Boone’s for all they did. And although this next post could have been all about why we chose Solar, I thought I’d talk about the people we met.

So, Mr. Boone isn’t the easiest man to get a hold of.


If you want to get your solar installed by one of the BEST what else can you expect but A WAITING LIST. He has been installing solar panels on RV’s, for years, all across the United States. You can find his Website HERE.

Knowing that we live in a Supernatural World, Knowing God has a purpose for all of us, and will intercede when necessary, can you dismiss Divine interventions?

We have been praying and asking our King for a GO TIME. Meanwhile operating in our flesh, we have set some of our own GO times. We thought our 1st stop would be Minnesota. We even made some reservations. Come to find out we were getting push back. Push back we didn’t even realize was necessary.

So how long did we have to wait for Mr. Boone?? Not long at all! He just so happened to be on his way to the North East in a few months. He had an apprentice with him that decided to UP AND LEAVE, and not finish out his contract. WHO DOES THAT? Well I suppose to be fair, I don’t know them and their circumstances could have forced their hand on the matter. Either way they left the Boone’s in a bind. So Enter the Jetts.

The Jetts decided this was an unfortunate situation and had known The Boones from their Solar install. So they wanted to help. They were headed WEST, but turned their rig around and met up with The Boone’s to help. So we had the pleasure of meeting both The Boones and The Jetts.

During our time on this install we spent some quality time getting to know them all. We broke bread together, got tired from long city walks together, went to a Russian banya, and laughed hard together. We not only found that we enjoyed each others company but we all had a similar mindset when it came to our KING. This encounter led us to realize how fun and exciting it would be to travel together. Strength in numbers! By the end of their stay we had officially cancelled our Minnesota trip and have reserved a FREE camping spot with the rest of OUR NEW TRIBE. How amazing!

So at what point do you realize that God did this? Not only are we in the fellowship of like minded Believers, we are headed in a direction our flesh didn’t choose, but our Spirit did.

I am beyond grateful that OUR KING hold’s us in the Palms of His Hands. And that our prayers intercede in the spirit world so that He can move in our lives.

My friends keep us in your Prayers as we begin this journey HE has set out before us. We still don’t really have clarity on what it looks like. Yet we know 1 thing.. OUR KING LEADS!

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