Go if you DARE.

Bus life has been amazing for us. Although many people cant grasp this lifestyle we can’t grasp NOT living this way.  We have been to 37 states and counting. Currently we are loving the Pacific West.

You landed on our BUS LIFE Page. Where you will find anything that has to do with BUS LIFE. including our hikes and adventures.

A house bus is not to much more different then a house. You have to maintain it, you love to decorate it, it’s a place where you can come to after a long day and unwind.

The biggest difference is that Home is where we park it, vs a stationary spot

Don’t get me wrong having roots is important. But what if  the soil you have grown up in is rotted, toxic, and doesn’t promote growth? Well you pluck that plant out and find a new soil to allow your ROOTS to grow.

Well that’s where we are. Searching, Seeking, Ready for  DESTINATION. But enjoying the journey as we unravel the mystery of the universe (hehe)

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