Soap Making is So Awesome

When you start DIY projects, what’s your main focus??

Remember, we’re not just wandering around in circles, we’re not LOST.

We are looking to be frugal, and purpose-filled.

We want health to be a major priority while allowing some fun and creativity to flow.

Soap making was just a natural step to the process of being a homesteader.

And it’s so easy!!!

The intimadation is the LYE. Well, fear not. If you can cook with hot oils, pay attention to temperatures and you’re not afraid to Zap test, You got this!!!

Check this super quick video of us making our 1st batch of soap.


Pretty awesome.

Here’s the finish product.

Since then we have made some coffee and eyculuptus soap as well. Pick-me-ups are needed around here!!!

Do you have a favorite soap combination???

I love experimenting with this, but most of all, I love the time I’m spending with Hubby in the process.

If your not into the soap making process but love the idea of Homemade All Natural soap, you can buy it from us instead. Here’s where you can do that.


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