Small Beginnings

I never thought yesterday, I would be where I am today.

Yesterday, I thought this was my best.

Looking back I see, it was only the beginning.

When I started making soap, we were looking to be frugal, and purpose-filled.

We wanted health to be a major priority while allowing some fun and creativity to flow.

Soap making was just a natural step to the process of being whole body focused.

I wanted to Share a video of our Beginnings. I just love it.

Here’s to our 1st Batch of Soap. 🥂

How fun was that.

Here’s the finish product.

Since then we didn’t stop making soap.

We made some coffee and eucalyptus soap as well.

Pick-me-ups were needed.

I love experimenting with this, but most of all, I love the time I’m spending with Hubby in the process.

Eventually, we learned we loved making Cold Process Castile Soap.

We added a twist of Alchemical Herbal Science.

We foraged and Infused the herbs we use in our soaps.

This has become a wild adventure in soap making, and crafting my unique business.

You can check out my Soap Shop HERE.

To all those just starting, You Got this!! Just keep going one day at a time. Then stop and look back! Wow, look how amazing!

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