Don’t Let the Sadness Get you!


Sliding like pros

If you have watched the Never Ending Story, then you will get the title easily.

However if you haven’t, as soon as you finish reading this post, Go watch it.

Ethan attempts his own version of it, too bad I didn’t get a video of that!

So where were we really?

We were at Bruce Port County Park In South Bend, Washington July 2020.

They have several boondocking spots overlooking the Bay.

When the tide went out, it would become an arena filled with OYSTERS.


We had never seen anything like this before!

We did our best to research the laws about Harvesting Oysters, and watched some HOW TO VIDEOS on You Tube.

Then back we went prepared to get MUDDY, and have a delicious meal for FREE!

We soon learned that Oyster Harvesting isn’t any easy task.

Not only are they incredibly heavy but they are sharp.

It was a great experience for the kids to see how hard it is to get from Ocean to Table.

It was fun to get muddy and took not 10 minutes to load our buckets.

We didn’t consider how heavy they would be to carry all the way back up Hill to our campsite.

Cleaning them was difficult, as they were sharp as rocks.

We also had to break them apart.

They come in these clusters, like a tight knit family.

The last step is to grill them up.

Not all of them would make the cut. Some were already dead and needed to be thrown out.

How unfortunate.

That was crazy work, to see any get tossed was heart breaking.

I was also able to gather some wild Elderberry’s to make my family some wild elderberry syrup. benefits-of-elderberry

So between the Syrup and the Oysters, we were getting some great superfoods pumped into us!


If you have yet to try Oysters, I absolutely recommend them.

As far as the Sadness goes, have you tired Saint Johns Wort?

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